Adress Faculty of Management Science


Faculty of Management Science, Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University, Bld 8, 680 Nittayo road, Tambon Thatcheun Chum Amphoe Muang Sakon Nakhon 47000

Tel: 0 – 4297 – 0028 Fax: 0 – 4297 – 0059


Advance in management, knowledge development based on morality to enhance locality and society


Building a graduate and provide managerial services in line with the Sufficiency Economy to meet the needs of locality and society


  1. Teaching learning center for creating knowledgeable graduate students
  2. Developing educational services
  3. Conducting research and developing management science knowledge
  4. Promoting learning network and academic services to locality
  5. Conserving art and culture


  1. The faculty provides the learning management so the graduate students can apply it for their career.
  2. There is the collaboration between the faculty and indigenous knowledge people in terms of knowledge management.
  3. Becoming the knowledgeable sources in terms of management science is for local benefit
  4. The budget is used for efficient developing learning process.


  1. Produce and develop local entrepreneur related to management science
  2. Provide education for local community
  3. Research and knowledge development for locality and society
  4. Conserve local art, culture and tradition
  5. Promote learning network
  6. Develop organizational management


Happiness, unity, sufficiency, sacrifice to organization based on good governance organization

Identity of Faculty of Management Science: Good person, Public Consciousness and Professional Skills

Uniqueness of Faculty of Management Science: To be the university that providing the educational opportunities